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Founded by Diana Driscoll, OD, Dry Eye Recovery is committed to helping chronic dry eye patients live happy, productive lives through education, research, and awareness.

We have an ambitious goal: a revolutionary, low-cost oral supplement for chronic dry eye patients, available by 2022.

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Patented Treatment for Chronic Dry Eye

Dry Eye Recovery is powered by the research of our founder, Diana Driscoll, OD.

In 2017, Dr. Driscoll designed a formula intended to support nervous system function. Then patients reported something unusual: relief from chronic dry eye symptoms.

Diana Driscoll, O.D. was awarded U.S. Patent No. 10,238,673 B2, “Methods and compositions for treatment of dry eye and correction of organ dysfunctions” for the new formula. We’re working to make it even better.

Participate in Our In-House Study

Dry Eye Recovery is offering chronic dry eye patients an opportunity to help shape the development of a new, low-cost treatment for chronic dry eye.

To take part in our dry eye study, click the secure link below.

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