The Role and Treatment of Inflammation in Dry Eye Disease


According to the journal International Ophthalmology,  Dry eye syndrome “affects 10-30% of the population, especially in those who are older than 40 years.” 

“The Role and Treatment of Inflammation in Dry Eye Disease” is a comprehensive review of scientific literature that tracks the development of inflammatory treatment models. The authors discuss current therapeutics inspired by these models and comment on the social impact of dry eye syndrome. 

To read the full review, go to the PubMed link, “The role and treatment of inflammation in dry eye disease.”

Dry Eye Recovery agrees that more treatment options and better thinking are important to serve an aging population. We also recommend this review as an educational starting point for chronic dry eye patients. 

It remains the case, however, that we see opportunities to address inflammation through new underlying mechanism(s) not included in this review. 


The Dry Eye Recovery Team

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